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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kissinger virtual kiss

Check out the Kissinger, a kissing Egg robot for the perfect virtual kiss

Kiss Messenger   Kissenger system
Kiss Messenger   Kissenger system
Forget about the robotic arm, robotic foot. Here is a Lovot (Loving Robot) that can kiss! This Lovot is called Kissinger.
The Singapore-based Lovotics, roboticists have created an interface for the human-robot love by imbuing robots with all the biological and emotional nuances characterised by love.
The team now aims at strengthening the long-term relationship via a robotic medium using Kissinger (Kissing Messenger)
Kiss Messenger   Kissenger system
Kiss Messenger   Kissenger system
The design was unveiled at UK recently. Kissinger is an egg-shaped orb with two plastic lips and sensors and actuators. When your girlfriend sitting 1,000 miles away kisses the orb. The pattern is recorded, and transmitted via web to the orb in your hand. The lips on your Kissinger take shape accordingly. You, my friend, are now kissing your girlfriends digital kiss!
Kiss Messenger   Kissenger system
Kiss Messenger   Kissenger system
The device aims at maintaining intimacy, between two people separated over long distances! It also aims at bridging the gap between robots by making robot-robot kisses possible! Since the kisses are stored digitally, you can even kiss a celebrity perhaps, if their kissing data is available for download!

Kissinger is a very interesting idea? Do you like this egg, and would you be ordering one if you could right now? Don’t forget to share your views in the comments!

Wow, First Base Never Looked So Sad: Kissenger, The Robotic Long-Distance Kiss Messenger

Kiss Messenger   Kissenger system
Nope, nothing creepy as hell going on here.
The Kissenger is a small, Skype compatible robotic pig that can sense a user's kiss and send the sensation to another user who's ALSO holding a f***ing pig-shaped robot to their lips. God, if this is the future I am like, soooooooooo over it. *emptying potion of immortality into toilet* "That was a juice-box." IT WAS SYMBOLIC.
"The lips are highly touch-sensitive, but can also be manipulated by motors inside the robot."
The robots are equipped with soft silicon pads that transmit lip movements between partners.
The Lovotics website suggests the Kissenger may appeal to singles and those who want to smooch a virtual character. The robots can use artificial intelligence (AI) to transmit those kinds of kisses, too.
Admittedly, I would call all my friends and put my wiener up to it. "Whoa bro -- you sure you want your junk that close to an active robot?" Good point -- I knew there was a reason I kept you around! Now, I want you to call my friend Randy and lay your penis on the receiver.
Hit the jump for a video demo of the sadness.

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