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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Flat stag beetles

The stag beetles larvae Overall like the a typical scarab beetle larvae, called grubs, the body is often a C-type. Or more commonly known as "chicken female worms, because chickens like to eat these insects in the soil. Flat spade-shaped larvae on the use of the trunk of dead plants in the forest, a great contribution for Clear decadent trees in the forest, is an indispensable role in the forest. Larval stage for nearly a year after the rotten wood with excrement produced a smooth pupal chamber "pupation, pupal out to be broken after the complete metamorphosis into adults, and so endless.
 Flat stag beetles
Habits and adult stag beetles larvae varied considerably. The female flat stag beetles after mating will look for dead wood or rotten wood in the forest, can be short and sharp jaw drill into rotten wood to lay eggs. The eggs hatched after the larvae grew through the this rotten wood fiber or fungi for food, gnaw all the time with rotten wood, dead wood between continuing forward drilled a channel, and the excrement from the anus subsequent discharge, behind channel is blocked up.
Flat stag beetles

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