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Friday, October 26, 2012

How to Get Rid of Grub Worms

How to Get Rid of Grub Worms

Grub worms are a serious lawn pest that can do incredible damage to your turf if left untreated. If you have brown patches in your grass, you likely have an infestation. Grub worms eat the roots of your grass and can be controlled if you follow the correct procedures. Does this Spark an idea?


    • 1
      Know how to identify grub worms. They are white with a red head and a dark rear-end. They are C-shaped and usually about the size of the tip of your thumb.
    • 2
      Call your local Agricultural Extension Service and ask when grub worm eggs are typically laid and when the grubs are likely to be active in your area. You will find the phone number in the government section of your phone book.

    • 3
      Sample your yard in the month the eggs are laid and again in the month the grubs are most active. To sample your yard for grub worms, cut three sides of a 1-foot square of grass with a shovel and lift up the grass to make a flap. If you see more than five grubs, treatment is necessary.
    • 4
      Purchase beneficial nematodes from your local gardening center. These are microscopic organisms that feed on larvae. Mix the nematodes with water as directed on the package, and spray your grass with the mixture.
    • 5
      Keep your lawn lightly-watered to help offset the root damage caused by grub worms.
    • 6
      Attract worm-eating birds like robins and other song birds to your backyard. They are typically fond of eating grubs for breakfast.


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