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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Grub Worms White grubs

Grub Worms

Grub by webbalaih White grubs, the larval stage of June beetles, are common lawn pests. They are off-white in color with a light brown head. Three pairs of legs are found close to the head of the 1 2 inch (3 3/4 cm) grub.
Most June beetles have a three year life-cycle causing most damage in the second year. In June, the adult lays eggs in the soil. Within two weeks, white grubs emerge. They feed during the warm summer months and then over winter deep in the soil. Early the following summer, the grubs move close to the soil surface and begin feeding again. They can cause extensive damage in small numbers due to their voracious appetite. After a short feeding period during the third summer, the white grub pupates and turns into an adult. The adult (June beetle) over winters in soil and lays eggs the following summer, thus completing its life cycle.

White grubs will feed on grass, grass roots, and farm and garden crops. They feed on potato tubers, but prefer fibrous roots of turf grass. The adult stage also feeds on flowers. Feeding by the white grub results in dead patches of turf that yellow and pull back like freshly laid sod or thinning patchy areas of turf that are dying for no apparent reason.
A healthy lawn is the best protection against white grubs. A well-watered, fertilized, aerated lawn will provide resistance against white grub attack. Good root growth is helpful as the adults prefer to lay eggs in thin grass.
Even with the best cultural practices, sometimes it becomes necessary to directly treat this annual problem. AgriLawn has two treatments that will help you eliminate and prevent this annoying, turf damaging problem.

Grub Treatment

If you have had grub problems present, it is important to eliminate any worms that are residing in your turf layer. In order for this treatment to be effective, ground temperaturs need to be high enough that the grubs come to the top layer of soil to feed usually between April and November annually. This treatment is the same cost as your lawn program and can be added if you or your technician notice the signs of damage. We do not treat any existing problem without your authorization, so you will need to call us if you wish to schedule a treatment.

Grub Preventative

If you have had grub treatments in the past and simply want to prevent any further infestation then a grub preventative is in order. A preventative, unlike the treatment, prevents the worm from molting from it's pupate stage. Any eggs that may be in the soil will not hatch and thus prevents infestation from these lawn destroying insects from becoming a problem. Timing is critical and this application must be done in June which is at the height of the egg laying activity.
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