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Friday, April 25, 2014

Lovers eating insects in the world (photos)

According to the new report by the United Nations that eating larger quantities of insects that would contribute to the fight against hunger in the world.According to the report issued by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the International Organization of insects that eat nutritious for humans and would also reduce environmental pollution .
The organization says in its report that more than two billion people actually complete their own food to eat insects , but they say that '' shit '' shown by the consumer towards the western eat insects still constitutes a barrier to the spread of the phenomenon in many Western countries .The report stated that the wasps , beetles and other insects are not properly exploited as food for humans and livestock , adding that the insects are considered propagating '' methods of addressing the problem of food security . ''The report also '' insects are everywhere , and they reproduce quickly . Vllhacrat growth rates and shift diet high in addition to the low vulnerability of the environment. ''The authors of the report refers to the high nutritional value of insects , with high proportions of proteins, fats and minerals.They say that eating insects is '' very important , especially as an addition of food for children who suffer from malnutrition . ''The report stated that the insect has a very high efficiency in converting food consumed to meat man can be addressed , Vsrsar night , for example, consumes 12 times less food to produce the same amount of protein compared to cattle .In addition, the insects do not produce the same quantities produced by livestock of gases harmful to the environment , driven emissions of ammonia , for example, much less insects in farms than it is in the pastures of cattle and other animals that eat human pigs .The report suggests the food industry to strive to raise the profile of the insects '' and '' make it more receptive to the part of consumers - especially in Western countries - through annexation in cooking recipes and add them to the lists of meals in restaurants .The report indicates that some of the insects are considered lavish meals in a number of countries , for example South Africans look to some types of larvae bed as luxury cuisine and are therefore sold at high prices in that country .He says that most edible insects are caught in the woods , calling for the pursuit of improving the means of production of insects that are used for livestock feed .And concludes that '' the consumption of insects is widely used as animal feed is technically feasible , and that a number of companies in many parts of the world are already doing it . ''Speaking of lovers eating insects foot site '' CNN '' the most prominent places in the world to eat insects , worms and cockroaches from scorpions and others.Guide lovers eating insects in the world

- To eat Grub Worms  you visit Australia.
- If you are a fan of eating cockroaches, the best regions of the world are addressed in Laos.
Guide lovers eating insects in the world (photos)
- For fans of eating bamboo worm, the best destination for Thailand is addressed.
Guide lovers eating insects in the world (photos)
- Lovers eat spiders and ants red trees are advised to go to Cambodia.
Guide lovers eating insects in the world (photos)
- For lovers of small worms, the best places to be addressed is in the Netherlands.
Guide lovers eating insects in the world (photos)
- To eat scorpions and locusts then you should visit the Chinese capital, Beijing.
Guide lovers eating insects in the world (photos) 

- To eat silkworm, you'll visit South Korea.

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