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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Beer and Grub Worms

Beer and Grub Worms

Some idiot came out a few years ago and said that beer kills grub worms. The truth is that enough beer will kill anything, including you. So, yes, beer kills grubs, and here’s how.
You need to soak the lawn clear into the soil with full strenght beer (not watered in because that waters it down too much). The grass plants take in the beer thru their roots and when the grubs feed, they “feel full” and quit eating and die. (this is the same way that the chemical grub control works also, using a compound referred to as a “neonicatanoid.”.. comes from “nicotine” like in cigarettes)
Anyway, so beer will work; sort-of, but let’s logic together first.
  1. Using beer is an expensive way to go. It would take a case of beer to cover a 10′ x 10′ spot completely, costing you about $15 for a 100 sq ft area. (assuming you drink Bud or Lite and not Old Mil-Water) You could get a real grub control that would cover your entire 5,000 sq foot lawn for that amount.
  2. Beer stinks like feet when it rots in the sun. Don’t ask me how I know this, but trust me, it smells really bad when it rots.
  3. How would you put it down? Are you going to just pour it out of the bottle? That won’t be even coverage.
  4. It’s just plain alcohol abuse to waste good beer on your grass! Beer is for drinking by the pool with some chips and salsa!
  5. Finally, who says that beer is a good alternative for the environment anyway? It rots your liver, so how good can it be for the earthworms’ livers? (well, gizzards anyway) Remember, earthworms are good for you lawn and soil and we don’t want to kill them in the process!

Whatever you do, be sure that you do something! I wouldn’t want your little patch of green love to be damaged by nasty grub worms this summer and fall.

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