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Friday, October 26, 2012

How to spray on the lawn Grub Worms

How to spray on the lawn grubs
 first step:

Cut 6 × 6-inch hole in the grass and check beneath the soil three inches of Horticulture, University of Rhode Island plans said, this process is best in early August, when most of the summer laying eggs hatch into larvae repeated several times, the entire yard.

Step two:

Count of uprooted region found that the number of grubs Purdue University Extension Garden prompted the recommendation of the site, consider treatment program in the fall, if more than five grubs per square foot.

Third step:

To purchase the efficacy the GRUB killer spray or granular efficacy GRUB killer.

Step four:

The efficacy spray on the lawn grubs killer, covering the entire lawn, but focus on the flakes, brown granular insecticides should be applied with some varieties of seed sowing Western Massachusetts Master Gardener Association proposed to apply grub killer in less than 80 degrees, low humidity and cool weather, but when rain is expected.

Step five:

Water to grass grub killer, if it does not rain is expected in the near future.

Step Six:

Purchased the grubs prevention control 7.

Step Seven:

Sprayed on the lawn on preventive grub killer granular insecticides should be applied to sow homeowners University of Illinois and some varieties of seed are said to apply preventive grub killer in July, regardless of any instructions on the bags, because this is the year time, the older grubs are the maximum and new eggs hatch.

Step eight:


Prevention of water into the soil grubs killer.

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