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Friday, October 26, 2012

More than a thousand speed of Grub Worms

Grubs, beetles, including May and June beetles, chafers, Japanese beetles and chafers masked larvae stage grubs general color of the soft-bodied and dirty white, with six sturdy legs and a brown head. 1 inch long pests, lawn disrupted, lying in one of the two sides in the C-shaped.


Adults rarely damaged lawn, but all root larvae feed, seriously affect the ability of the water and nutrients to the grass-roots level to affect local areas turn soft sponge, easy to pull up, and gradually began to create irregular brown patches yellow and death damage With the passage of time.

Prevention strategies

Prevention involves the treatment of long-term residual insecticides grass pesticides, including imidacloprid, thiophene, thiamethoxam, halofenozide or Chlorantraniliprole the amine all products for young grubs in the grass, and some also help to reduce the adult recommended.

Treatment strategies

For the summer lawn grubs are young, mainly keeping the soil surface

All efficacy of insecticide works best on a regular basis to check the lawn to establish in the grass, before starting treatment, the presence of grubs which also help spring lawn treatment for the treatment of the affected point is not valid during the summer months as long as grubs larger scale and difficult to control. The recommended treatment insecticides including trichlorfon.

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