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Friday, October 26, 2012

Insects ,Grub Worms alternative sources of protein

About 25 million people around the world eat insects 
Grub Worms alternative sources of protein
Grub Worms alternative sources of protein

The EU plans to spend $ 3 million euros (about 3.95 million U.S. dollars), to study the feasibility of insects as a protein alternative sources, the research program will be finalized this year. The food experts said that if the insects as a protein alternative sources of Europeans, "camouflage" of insects. Insect "food" can act as Hamburg, as well as other fast-food additives. The British Food Standards Agency, said in referring to the research program: the UK and other EU countries and not insects as food traditions It is estimated that about 25 million people around the world often edible food add insects Although many insects are pests, but the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations or of edible insects is full of interest, and is committed to it as a highly sustainable source of nutrition. " Some earthworm protein content is three times that of beef, the four crickets calcium content will be comparable with a glass of milk. Islands Restaurant London chef Daniel - Kerry Washington, said: "If the insects from entering the human food chain, they may have to go through 'camouflage'. Food manufacturers seem should be described as animal-based protein, after all, not many people are willing to buy locusts Hamburg. "Kerry Washington ants, grasshoppers and bees made food, entertain guests from all directions.
Grub Worms alternative sources of protein
Grub Worms alternative sources of protein

The Treehugger website that: "The research and development of insect-based food additive used to increase the protein content of burgers and chicken nuggets, This is not hard to imagine things. Chain stores the name of 'higher levels of protein', 'healthy fats ', and of' ecological Hamburg 'slogan sales use hamburger meat made of treated insects. " 80% of the countries in the world, insects as food, human regular consumption of more than 1000 kinds of insect species. And livestock, insects only need a small space, feeding, use of natural lighting, garbage, paper and algae can act as feed in a closed building. Prior to this, the United Nations and the European Union in favor of the development of insect food practices for addressing the food shortage. Some scholars believe that the economic and environmental costs faced by raising livestock means turning to the insect will become an inevitable approach. It is estimated that by the end of this decade, edible insects will become very common. Wageningen University Professor Marcel - Dick said: "What is most important is to let people be psychologically prepared for the gradual acceptance of the idea. Since 2020, left to our choice is not much."

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